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Design services

Turning desires into successful products.

COTIGNANODESIGN offers cutting-edge design services.
The international clients range from architects to large industrial groups, from ambitious start-ups to leading industry veterans or institutions.
I do always try to best suit clients’ aims and needs, keeping always the focus on the final user, within budget and timeframe.
Top design breakthrough concepts, I try to anticipate the market, looking for innovative answers to the actual user needs.

Concept design

Providing innovative solutions focusing on user's needs and experience, with high-end aesthetics.
This is done through interviews, testing, competitors analysis, market mapping, user profiling, and lots of sketching.

Product design

Development of the design into a real product, with an eye on feasibility, engineering, costs.
Design strategy and development of a range of products or services, keeping close to the brand image and feeling


Brand identity development and market positioning, starting from your logo and collaterals, to art direction and product range definition.
Spatial Design and booths for your commercial exhibition spaces.


Interior design of private houses, including the design of unique bespoke furniture.
Concept design of retail spaces and developments of formats for franchises and retail chains.
Concept design of large office spaces, including front and backoffice spaces and waiting areas, with special care towards the organization workflow.

3D & Rendering

3D models using NURBS surfaces in Rhino3D. Smooth surfaces matching your sketch.
CG Presentation visuals done in Keyshot or Octane and old school markers and pastels renderings

CAD & survey

2D and 3D CAD drawings perfectly drafted for production, including exploded and axonometrical views.
Reverse engineering of prototypes is also possible.
Architectural surveys ranging from small flats to large commercial buildings

Design process

Design Process

I work on projects following the design process steps, starting with the marketing brief, followed by the market research to identify who are the prospective users and their needs, along with a competitors analysis, comparing the exisiting products, if any. Once the market opportunity gap is identified and what innovation the proposed procuct would bring, then starts the design research and concept design generation, which leads to the final design. The design selected is then turned into a prototype: this phase is supervised by me. If requested I provide aesthetic prototype as well, foam or 3D printed.
Then if the tests on the prototype are satisfying the client, engineering for production starts .


Creativity is not an extemporaneous act. Instead, it's the result of consistent hard work, mastering sketching and technical skills, blended with cultural knowledge and an open mindset, methodically following the design process, keeping focused on both final user's needs and experience.
Industrial Design is not just getting a pretty dress to some hardware. The Industrial designer has to be involved from the very start of the product design process, looking for that innovation that would make the difference.
There is no innovation without radical thinking.
I am constantly looking for out-of-the-box solutions, with a hint of utopia and an eye to feasibility. Challenging the ordinary.


Languages: English (bussiness use), Italian (mothertongue).

Technical skills: Product design, Design thinking, Strategic design, Design management, Concept generation, Vehicle design, UI design, Interior, expo & retail design.
CAD, 3D modeling & visualization, CG rendering
hand sketching, marker rendering & presentaton techniques.

Software Skills: CAD: AutoCAD; 3D & surfacing (not A class): Rhinoceros; Rendering: Keyshot;
Graphic Suite: CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator