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brand collaterals design

Branding and collaterals

Magazines, gadgets and brand collaterals.

A few marketing design projects, done between 2005 and 2023.
A big part of building a brand is related to design marketing collaterals. Those consist in all those marketing supports and printing materials that help building the brand visual identity, including gadgets, flyers, business cards, company magazines, pop-ups and backdrops.
Below a few work samples.


The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Magazine I-Links. Mumbai, 2008-2010.
I did design the new layout and two issues of the IICCI company magazine, I-Links, including the special issue about Festa Italiana 2008.

I-Links cover  I-Links cover

Brand collaterals

Marketing brand collaterals are a wide range of printed supports for visual communication.
I've printed many supports, from business cards to letterheads, from leaflets to invitation cards, from roll-ups to backdrops.

Minerva backdrop backdrop for IICCI Vivitalia riser for IICCI Vivitalia riser for IICCI Vivitalia Business card invitation card leaflet bookmark bookmark


Gadgets are a great way to consolidate a brand. Few samples below, including tech gadgets, mousepads, pins.

Pins Gundam Italian Club usb drive GIC powerbank USB hub Mouse pad