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Alfa Romeo ADUS

Alfa Romeo spyder

Internship project, Alfa Romeo ADUS, 2000.

Evolved sportiveness

Development of the design of interiors for a next gen spyder, inspired to the "evolved sportiveness" of Alfa Romeo.
In team with Francesca Furzi.
The design process involved a brainstorming phase, finding inspirational images and keywords, then translated into quick sketches and initial design concepts.
So we started thinking of an interior made like the one of a boat, with, wooden floor and a reclinable center rear seat, that could be open if needed, to enhance the sportive character of the car, to be used by two people only, but eventually could carry a third passenger.
As cars do not move for 92% of their life, they occupy public soil most of the time. Hence, why not to use an open car interior as a urban design element, giving some public utility to it?


Hence we decidaded to make all 3 seats reclinable and enclosed in shells when the car is parked, so it could be used as informal public seating.
Initially we made a kind of "cocoons", organic shapes, making a clay scale model of them. Then we moved to a simpler, edgy and fully retractable design, with the supporting cushions elements of the seat opening up as the seat was elevated from the closed position, in a single movement.
This led to the final design of the interior and the full scale foam mockup.

cocoon cocoon cocoon clay model clay model

Final design

final design foam full scale model foam model foam model