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Interior Design

Interior design is often called as interior architecture or, worse, interior decoration.
While it is strictlyl related to both, it's not limited to the latter. It is actually much more that styling pretty interiors and choosing fancy fabrics and color schemes.
It is more related to the organization of people's space and life, and in this way it is architecture. With an eye to comfort and lighting as well.
My design activity is limited by not being able to change the structural frames (pillars and supporting walls) of constructions. Within those constrains, space is reorganized at its best, after a deep understanting of the final user needs.
The product to be designed is not just a room, but life.
Interior design, under this viewpoint, is as well the design of a service, as it is of a space that is daily used by people in their everyday life, or as commercial spaces that serve a double purpose, purchase and experience products or services (for the client) or sell and enhance the product or service (for the provider or seller).
Our mission is to design the best spatial and furniture arrangement for where the people move, live, work and spend time, using services, buying products or spending free time, in the most effective way.

Corrado Cotignano, founder of COTIGNANODESIGN, has experience working with Italian architects and running his own consultancy in Italy and India.

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