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Product Design

Innovative design with a focus on usability and elegance.
Product design, or more generally Industrial design intented as design of everyday products, is our major branch of expertise activities.
Our purpose is to design beautiful and useful objects.
Objects that provide a unique feeling from being easy to use, practical, appealing and efficiently designed. Keeping always in mind the final user.

Innovation by design leads to succesful products in a competitive market. Innovation could be just about form, materials and colours of the product, or bound to its technology, materials and functionality. Breakthrough products are not connected to fashion, but to innovation.
COTIGNANODESIGN has wide professional experience in designing products, furniture, display stands and point of purchase for supermarkets and retail.
Corrado Cotignano, founder of the studio, also is a award winner in design contests and a former Product Design lecturer.

Display stands and POS Products

Teaching Product design at Raffles

Design contests