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yacht design

Yacht design

No actual work experience, besides two university courses, with two of best yacht designers as teachers: Andrea Vallicelli and Giovanni Zuccon.

Restyling a Sailing boat

University project, 1997.

The course objective was to understand the interior design of a sailing boat.
Provided an existing yacht dimensional drawings, the outcome was a small boat for 6 people (two in the front cabin single beds, two in the rear cabin double bed and two on the sofas, with a full kitchen and toilet with shower, rationally arranged in such way to maximise the limited space.
To provide a better interior lighting and a view of the outside, two big plexi windows were added, changing the exterior design of the original boat.
Hand made line drawings.

Vallicelly sailing boat

Restyling of Technema 82

University project, 1997.

This motor yacht was originally built by Posillipo shipyards. The design, originally by Zuccon International Project, featured a long fly-bridge and 4 vertical windows, full height, giving light to the main hall.
As a university project for the course run by Prof. Zuccon, our task was to restyle the exterior.
The proposed design featured on both sides large sliding windows, full height, giving access to two small balconies adn with curved glass ends, giving more light to the large interior than the original 4 narrow windows.
The interior had two big semicircular sofas and an elliptical dinner table with seatings.
Materials like carrara marble tiles, white ivory paint and white oak furniture give more light to the interior.
Markers and pastels presentation drawings of the exterior design. Renderings of the interiors have been added recently.

Zuccon Technema 82
Zuccon Technema 82
Zuccon Technema 82
Zuccon Technema 82
Zuccon Technema 82