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Home interiors

Home interiors

Interior design concepts, developed for private clients and working with other architects, 2003-2021.

COTIGNANODESIGN does interior design projects, involving furniture, lighting and plaster works.
As this is not an architecture firm, hence we not make any project involving demolition/reconstruction of structural elements, such as pillars or supporting walls.
Such projects are executed done working with architectural and/or engineering firms.

Private house in Rome

Rome, 2018.
A 3D visualization project only, to help the client to have a look to the space and furntiure arrangement done in a renovation project by another architect.
Final design has improved from renders, with library with smaller pillars and closed boxed elements and the fireplace wall redesigned with plasterboard shelves and a flat fireplace, while the glass partition has been kept.

Glass partition
living room
daughter room

Goa Villa

Mumbai, 2010.
A 3D visualization project only, to help the client to have a look to the volumes of an expansion (with a new covered car parking and a new attached bathroom with overhead water tank).

Goa villa

Mumbai Studio

Mumbai, 2010.
A renovation of a small studio apartment in Bandstand, Mumbai, for a single man.
The initial proposal (third sketch image) was for an organic sofa custom made, with curved soft surfaces, and a wooden structure that made a rised platform.
As it would cost too much, I did redesign the lounge with a more traditional sofa.

Mumbai studio
Mumbai studio
Mumbai studio

Projects in Rome

Projects done with arch. Mario Galli, 2001-2005.
Entrance path and stepped depression to give light to a basement window; Fireplace, Bathroom with decorated resin surfaces, Copper tiles roof for an entrance gate, fast kitchen 3D sketch

basement window
roof gate