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Awards and clients

COTIGNANODESIGN offers cutting-edge Design services.
The clients of the studio, local or international, range from private owners to large industrial groups, from ambitious start-ups to leading industry veterans.
Our Design services always best suit clients’ aims and needs, keeping always the focus on the final user, within assigned budget and timeframe, fulfilling project brief requirements. Not only do we follow the assigned marketing brief, but we can develope a marketing report, looking for product opportunity gaps and anticipating user's needs.

Design awards


2001 Il Carrello che non c'era : Second Prize
Design competition for a trolley by Arté srl, patronage by ADI




Amore gourmet italian food company pvt. ltd. | Arsena Architettura | Arch. Alessia Corsi | Arch. Mario Galli | Arch. Bruno Pietrobelli | Arch. Filippo Testa | Art Oxygen | Astarc Group | Barter spa | BLS International | Bruno Editore | CeSArch | Champion engineering exports | Cosmic Group | CNAPPC Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti Paesaggisti e Pianificatori | DPSA+D De Ponte Architects | Fondazione F.L. Catel | IICCI Indo-Italian chamber of commerce & industry | Kremoso | ICE Mumbai | Oasi srl | Raffles Design International | Roots Global | SGI Società Geografica Italiana | Simona Brusa | Subway India | Target srl | Università di Roma Tre DipSA | VFS Global | Viviana Grunert


Corrado Cotignano, founder of COTIGNANODESIGN, had his Internships at


Alfa Romeo ADUS | FIAT Auto Centro Stile | Honda R&D Europe