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Gelato parlors

Gelato parlors

Retail design and branding image for two Indian gelato companies, Amore and Kremoso


Mumbai, 2017.
Concept design for a coming up gelato franchise.
The design had a fresh green paint, it included a backoffice area and a front preparation area, with toppings.

Kremoso Kremoso

Amore Gelato

Mumbai, Hyderabad, 2008-2010.
Starting with the Colaba shop and then with the main Bandra shop, I did the design concept and then a format for the franchise.
The concept aimed to enhance the depth of the shop, as it was quite narrow, to host in a sequence the gelato counter and the cash point, plus a shelf for consumption.
Italian tiles were used to form a perspective, and mirrors on the wall to give a more spacious feel.
In total 7 shops and more kiosks have been done, in both Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Amore Gelato Amore Gelato Amore Gelato kiosk Amore GelatoAmore Gelato