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45 | lens4mobile

Manfrotto | Desall design competition.

Design of a multiple lens mount adjustable to different mobile phones.
2016 Concept. Entry for Manfrotto design competition by

Manfrotto Modular Mobile Equipment competition

The brief required to design a modular system for smartphones, to serve as a versatile, adjustable, intuitive and user-friendly product for using different typologies of accessories in mobility.
The modular system consists of a single platform where the various accessories can be fixed.

My entry provided a revolving support where up to four different Manfrotto lenses for smartphones can be mounted.
An adjustable leg angled 45 degrees works both as an holder and support for the smartphone. Different smarphones can be used, with screen sizes ranging from 4" to 5.5".
Both a standard support for tripod and a standard connector for an external flash are also provided.