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One&Only | wardrobe

Electrolux | Desall design competition.

Design of a cabinet with a built-in waterless laundry system.
2016 Concept. Entry for Electrolux design competition by

One & Only wardrobe design competition

The brief asked to design an innovative all-in-one laundry appliance for optimising the time and space usually needed for laundry.
The appliance offers a wide range of functions, like washing and ironing of clothes, even folding of shirts and t-shirts.


One&OnlyWardrobe moves the Laundry to your wardrobe!
It is a domestic appliance designed like a furniture piece, with wood case and frosted glass doors, that could be placed in your wardrobe closet or in your bedroom.

Electrolux It needs power and water supply, and fabric freshener refills.
Less water and no soap needed to get your laundry done, and no more ironing!
It is divided vertically in two sections one on top of the other, depending on the clothes types, and horizontally in one right section for dirty clothes: hang on top your dirty shirts, trousers, suits, or skirts, put in the compartment below your dirty T-shirts, underwear or towels; while On the left sections, pick your freshly clean & ironed and ready to wear clothes from the hanger, or take your favorite T-shirt clean & folded!

Electrolux It works with a 3 phases cleaning process:

1 item recognition
an optical sensor recognize the fabric, type and dimensions of the item 2 ultrasound and ozone cleaning
ultrasound emitters, mounted on a moving bracket that moves all over the clothes, to remove dust and stains, while ozone emitters clean the fabric
3 steam ironing and fabric re-freshening
steam emitters disinfect and remove wrinkles from clothes, while a freshener is sprayed on the fabric.

Electrolux Violet color light is on while the process is ongoing, also working as a visual feedback
One&OnlyWardrobe is operated through a touch screen interface, or remotely through the O&O App that lets run the process automatically, or just select the steam wrinkles removal process.
How it works: for T-shirts, socks and underwear, towels etc: the dirty clothes, like T-shirts, socks and underwear are mechanically brought to the upper compartment, where the cleaning process happens; the clothes, are individually cleaned using a plate, that automatically cleans, disinfect, irons and folds T-shirts and tops; The clothes, once cleaned and ironed are mechanically transferred to the below storage compartment, ready to be worn.
Hanged clothes like shirts, trousers, suits, skirts, dresses, have also a 3 phases cleaning process happening in the top cabinet: ultrasound, ozone and steam emitters, clean, disinfect, and remove wrinkles from clothes, and a freshener is sprayed on the fabric; Once cleaned, the clothes are moved to the storage compartment, ready to be worn, taking them down with the help of a Servetto (wardrobe lift system).