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Clouds / Probe | hood

Elica | Desall Design competition.

Design of a hood.
2015 Concept. Two entries for Elica design competition by Clouds and Probe

The brief requested to "envision an innovative concept of range hood, from an aesthetic, functional and technological point of view; in one word, revolutionary.
The new hood would be for domestic use, in line with the company look and feel.
An innovative, technological hood of the future, also reinterpreting or drawing inspiration from iconic elements.
Explore new functionalities, potentials and shapes to realise an unprecedented original product, keeping into consideration its serial manufacturing and marketability."

Clouds | hood

My entry Clouds is a colorful and yet technological hood.
Its organic shape is influenced by Ross Lovegrove’s Mercury lamp, by Artemide.
Available in many colors and also in chrome finish, it is divided in 3 floating pods suspended from the ceiling: the biggest one hosts the suction engine, while the other two light up the stove with theirs OLED lamps.


Probe | hood

My entry Probe do not need your intervention to start.
Its sensors automatically detect your presence, fumes, hence activates the aspiration or turns on the lights.
The design inspiration comes from the first space probe, Sputnik, and Daniel Simon’s drone from the movie Oblivion.
Colorful and still technological, the spherical shape enhances its user friendly character.